The Lion-Tamer.


A more wizened ronin than most, Anjei is a man of action in words and deeds. He typically wears a suit of light samurai armor, the once prominent heraldry scratched out from its surface, and hefts an unusually sizable katana in his right hand.


A ronin that comports himself with an inscrutable devotion to Bushido. Once the Crane samurai Doji Anjei, a promising young bushi enamored with the Lion prodigy Matsu Tomiko, Anjei was falsely implicated in a scandal involving the Yasuki and made ronin just before his gempukku. Sworn to serve as the yojimbo to Yasuki Urumi after the Topaz Championship, Anjei does his best to help lead and guide her and her other young samurai peers in the Imperial Cartographers, especially the talented but brash Yoritomo Kenzan.

After the Imperial Cartographers find themselves in the thick of a plot to destabilize Rokugan, Anjei takes it upon himself to forge a number of alliances between Great Clans and ronin otokodates that ultimately become the Northern Unity Alliance. As rikugunshokan, the ronin does all he can to ensure all-out war does not break out across the empire – but will it be enough?


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