A kitsune in human form. Toku Kiri's retainer.


Chiie is a very youthful kitsune spirit from the realm of Chikushudo, but takes the form of a young human woman with black hair tied in a maiden’s foxtail in Ningen-do.


Pillaging the effects of a dead samurai, the kitsune spirit Chiie adopted the identity of Morito Chiie in order to travel the lands of Ningen-do inconspicuously. Chiie’s mother, however, was not informed of this decision, and when Chiie joined Toku Kiri, Yoritomo Miyako, and Hiruma Katsuo in their travels, her mother targeted Yoritomo Kenzan for retribution.

Kenzan was able to strike a deal and bring Chiie back to her mother. As Chiie was unwilling to depart, however, Anjei struck a deal to delay Chiie’s return for a year and a day so long as she did not persist in impersonating a samurai. Chiie has served as the retainer for Toku Kiri since then, and her fate since the deadline for her return passed is so far unknown.


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