Tsuruchi Dei

Veteran of the War of Five Storms.


Tsuruchi Dei is as muscled and boisterous as any Yoritomo, with a laugh to match. He is fond of wearing a goofy smile or a perplexed expression – when he is not wearing both at the same time.


Tsuruchi Dei’s name is surprisingly well known for his young age, particularly when it comes to his service in the War of Five Storms (there are even some who attribute the entire cause of the war to the young courtier; clearly an obvious overstatement). He is remarkably slow on the uptake when it comes to reading situations and the propriety of samurai, though this has also served as an asset due to the courtier not knowing when he is being properly insulted.

Despite his foibles, Dei’s testimony was instrumental in bringing down the criminal Doji Toumo in Friendly Traveler Village. He has not been seen since then.

Tsuruchi Dei

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