Daidoji Eihii

Jade Magistrate. Veteran of the Third Yasuki War.


An elderly Crane who is almost never seen without her eta assistants, Eihii is highly skilled and intelligent, but haunted by the ghosts of her past.


A veteran of the Third Yasuki War, which saw her husband killed at the hands of Hida Gai, Daidoji Eihii swore off vengeance and instead dedicated herself to rooting out maho as a Jade Magistrate. However, her son Daidoji Ran was not so forgiving, and she had to watch helplessly as he was slain in a duel at the hands of Yoritomo Kenzan in 1170. To all appearances, however, she has continued to soldier on in her work without holding grudges.

In 1172, a division of the Jade Legions under Daidoji Eihii began investigating the Akodo and Kitsu families in the northern Lion lands, forcing the Dragon partners in the Northern Unity Alliance to temporarily withdraw to avoid any perceptions of conflict with the Jade Legion.

Daidoji Eihii

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