Yasuki Funtaru

Traitorous Yasuki Administrator.


Yasuki Funtaru is a courtier as charming and handsome as any Doji, who proudly wears his ambition on his sleeve.


A young prodigy courtier who made waves in the Topaz Championship in 1165 ago, Yasuki Funtaru worked as the second to Yasuki Sumiko in Clear Water Village until her downfall in 1170. From there he made aggressive moves to not only cause Hida Gai to step aside with the assistance of Yasuki Urumi.

When Urumi’s indiscretion led to Funtaru being found out as a conspirator with the enigmatic Kolat and hated Spider, however, he was forced to flee across the Kaiu Wall. He has not been seen from since.

Yasuki Funtaru

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