The Earthquaker.


A powerfully built, one-armed giant of a man, showing more than a few grey hairs along with countless other battle scars. Gai is crude and straightforward even by the standards of other Hida samurai.


The former governor of Clear Water Village, Hida Gai was a proud Crab warrior, student of Hiruma Utaka, and close friend of Hida Kuon, the Crab Clan Champion. As a veteran of the Second and Third Yasuki Wars, Gai chafed at his assignment away from the front lines of battle and harbored a deep vendetta against the Crane Clan from his past service – this animosity would eventually lead to his disgrace after he was corrupted with a maho curse that served to exacerbate his hatred. While the curse was eventually lifted, Gai persisted in his vendetta and was eventually brought low due to the machinations of Yasuki Funtaru and the Spider Clan. Now a ronin, Gai the Earthquaker – named for the trail of destruction he leaves in his wake, was recruited by Anjei to serve in his Northern Unity Alliance, with the promise of helping him to exact retribution on the samurai who orchestrated his downfall.


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