Doji Gyokusho

Veteran Crane bushi. Old friend of Anjei's.


Doji Gyokusho is a man in his mid-thirties, with a scar across a broken nose marring an otherwise noble countenance.


Childhood friend of Anjei and a near-washout from the Kakita Dueling Academy, Doji Gyokusho nevertheless made up for his shortcomings with his endearing personality and boundless energy.

Now a Crane bushi stationed in Friendly Traveler Village, Gyokusho has grown into a competent duelist in his own right through diligent practice and hard-won experience. He lost his name to the nezumi Sur’at after becoming stranded on an island, but the timely intervention of his old friend Anjei resolved the situation peaceably.

Doji Gyokusho

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