Ronin poet, with a dark secret.


A young, slightly malnourished looking ronin who speaks with a pronounced stutter.


A ronin in the Eyes of Nanashi ronin otokodate, Haikaro was considered to be a talented poet, if one with a pronounced stutter. Like most else about him, however, this was a lie – Haikaro was actually a part of a Spider Clan conspiracy to discredit Empress Iweko I. He was unable to secure the support of Susumu despite the Imperial Advisor’s connections to the Spider Clan, and was eventually confronted with fellow conspirators in the Traitor’s Grove at Kyuden Bayushi. After he was interrogated by the Imperial Cartographers, Haikaro was made to commit seppuku, and passed on into Meido.


Legend of the Five Rings: The Destroyers Kayetch