Hida Mori

Brutish yojimbo to Yasuki Yomiko.


Hida Mori is a mountain of a Crab bushi, with a bulging left eye and short black hair, wearing a stained kimono showing the mon of the Hida clan.


Hida Mori is yojimbo to Yasuki Yomiko, a veteran of the fall of the Kaiu Carpenter Wall and as foul-mouthed a bushi as any come in Rokugan. He and Yasuki Yomiko attempted to smuggle out the heir to the late Hare Clan Champion after the Unicorn and Scorpion Clans attacked Shiro Usagi, but the Imperial Cartographers were able to strike an accord to have the Usagi heir sign off on the Hare Clan entering into a trade-protectorate agreement with the Northern Unity Alliance, then become fostered to the Crab Clan.

Mori concealed Yomiko’s involvement to the ronin Anjei with the assent of Yasuki Urumi, Yoritomo Miyako, and Hiruma Katsuo.

Hida Mori

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