Iweko I

The Light of Heaven.


The Empress of Rokugan carries herself with a divine air, wearing a glowing green kimono, face immaculately painted, with a headdress showing the symbols of the Five Rings.


Empress Iweko I was once Kitsuki Iweko, daimyo of the Dragon Clan’s Kitsuki Family. After winning the Celestial Tournament, however, she ascended to become the first monarch of the new Iweko Dynasty. Her brief rule so far has been embraced by the people of Rokugan due to her celestial endorsement, but also characterized by upheaval and inscrutable actions; such as the Night of Assassins and appointing the Spider Susumu as her Imperial Advisor.

She has had very little direct contact with the Imperial Cartographers, as is proper, but addressed Yoritomo Kenzan as the second coming of the legendary Mantis Clan Champion, Tetsuken after the Bowman’s Wager.

Iweko I

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