Bayushi Kansei

Disgraced Scorpion Kuge. Betrothed to Toku Kiri.


A courtier short of stature with long hair, Bayushi Kansei is part of the Kuge of the Scorpion Clan, a man who seems to be always scheming one plot or another.


Once considered one of the most promising prospects of the Scorpion Clan’s courtiers, Bayushi Kansei was disgraced at the The Topaz Championship of 1170 when his gambit to disqualify Yasuki Urumi from the iaijutsu tournament was foiled by the ronin Anjei. In failing that task Kansei failed the true gempukku the Scorpion Clan had tasked him with, and would never be placed within a position of trust within the clan henceforth.

It seemed that Kansei would be relegated only to matters such as trivial tasks and petty insults, but his importance was suddenly elevated to Toku Kiri when she discovered he was arranged as her future husband.

Bayushi Kansei

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