Hiruma Katsuo

Jade Legionnaire. Sickly, but skilled.


Hiruma Katsuo is a young samurai who is quite thin and kind of sickly, with just the hint of a mustache appearing on his adolescent features.


Hiruma Katsuo is a pragmatic samurai, a skilled bushi in kenjutsu, tracking, and scouting; whose disdain for the finer minutia of etiquette in Rokugan has occasionally caused problems for his allies. Recently Katsuo has also expressed interest in the art of war from the perspective of tactician, the better to facilitate defending against the impending Destroyers invasion, which he feels intolerably few samurai are treating with the seriousness it requires. His short-sighted letter writing campaign concerning the Destroyers has caused many political problems for the Crab Clan, though he seems to have learned from many of his earlier mistakes.

Katsuo is a hostage of the Scorpion Clan, one whose sickly health reduced his significance as a bargaining chip, yet has thrived much longer than his superiors in either the Crab Clan or the Scorpion Clan expected. Katsuo is the husband of Hiruma Mai (nee Shosuro Mai), with whom he is expecting his first child.

Hiruma Katsuo

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