Kakita Kazumi

Anjei's youngest sister.


A tall and slim Crane bushi in her early twenties with traditionally dyed white hair, Kakita Kazumi is one of the most promising duelists the Kakita Dueling Academy has produced in generations.


Kakita Kazumi is Anjei’s youngest sister, intensely resentful of the ronin’s tarnishing of her family name. She went so far as to disavow the Doji name and marry into the Kakita family, and was the heavy favorite to win the Topaz Championship of 1170 – until she found herself facing Anjei himself in the quarterfinals and was defeated despite her extensive training.

She has a fierce sense of honor and is monstrously conflicted over the aftermath of her gempukku. She has not been seen since the Topaz Championship.

Kakita Kazumi

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