Yoritomo Kenzan

Thundering Duelist of Reflecting Waters.


Yoritomo Kenzan is a young man of average height. He shirks the traditional topknot wears his black hair down, covered by a sea green bandana emblazoned with the gold mantis mon and a straw sun hat. His wiry frame is hidden as well by an oversized green kimono, worn over the shoulders and draping down to the length of gaijin cloaks. His eyes are deep green and full of energy, constantly moving around to keep an eye on his surroundings; a trait taught to him during his years with the Tsuruchi Archers. Kenzan is often seen with his cat, Mewtoneko, riding on his shoulders.


Brave yet hesitant, just yet frequently uncouth, Yoritomo Kenzan is an embodiment of competing impulses. The youngest son of Yoritomo Miyako and Yoritomo Tsunesaburo, Kenzan stunned Rokugan by making it to the finals of the Topaz Championship of 1170, despite having only trained in the Tsuruchi Archery School’s dojo up to then.

Kenzan would go on to form a jealous (if one-sided) rivalry with Anjei, the ultimate winner of the tournament, who in turn has guided the young bushi in the art of the duel and many of his endeavors as a samurai. Nowhere was this more evident than when Kenzan used a game of Sadane to challenge Daidoji Ran, the governor of Friendly Traveler Village, and would later slay the Crane in a duel to the death in Clear Water Village.

The young archer found himself presented with an even greater challenge beyond that, however – that of infatuation with a princess of the Unicorn Clan named Shinjo Xue. While he was eventually able to win Xue’s heart, the budding romance was spoiled when Kenzan won the Bowman’s Wager of 1170 by bringing great dishonor to the Mantis Clan, precipitating a Musha Shugyo on behalf of the young bushi. As he traveled the lands assisting his mother and Anjei under the name Kojiro, Xue was been betrothed to Doji Musashi, causing no end of consternation with Kenzan even as he has returned to the fold of the Mantis.

Kenzan is intensely loyal to Anjei, despite his conflicted jealous emotions. He is also, by the word of Empress Iweko I herself, the reincarnation of the great Mantis Clan Champion Tetsuken. It remains to be seen if he can live up to the reputation of his past life…

Yoritomo Kenzan

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