Toku Kiri

Avenger of the Kitsune-no-Ken.


Toku Kiri is a fairly tall young woman in her late teens, with unusually light hair for a Rokugani. She typically wears a well maintained but shabby and oddly patchwork set of armor.


Toku Raita was an eager bushi of the Monkey Clan who was a late entrant to the Topaz Championship of 1170. Despite this late entry she performed shockingly well, reaching the semifinals and nearly defeating the ronin Anjei. After the tournament’s conclusion she selected the name Kiri, becoming Toku Kiri.

Since joining the Imperial Cartographers Kiri has been a roller coaster of emotion in response to the culture shock the rest of Rokugan has from the Monkey Clan. These conflicting passions have led to her questioning herself on more than a few occasions, but when needed she has always risen to the occasion – particularly when vanquishing a pennaggolan with the help of the Kitsune-no-Ken.

After Doji Musashi agreed to train her in the Thousand Years of Steel katas and competing strongly at the Bowman’s Wager of 1170 Kiri’s star seemed to be bright – but she has also not been heard of from the Imperial Cartographers in some time. One can only imagine what has happened to the young Monkey samurai…

Toku Kiri

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