Kuroda the Red

The ailing leader of the Disciples of Sun Tao.


Wrinkled and weathered, Kuroda the Red keeps a wispy topknot framed only by scattered stray strands of hair, and is almost always hunched over – except when in the throes of an iaijutsu duel.


Kuroda the Red is the leader of the Disciples of Sun Tao, the ronin band Anjei served unswervingly for ten years. He personally taught the wandering ronin the power of the Gaze of Sun Tao, as well as introduced the band’s original copy of the Book of Sun Tao to him, from which Anjei learned much. Ailing and on the verge of retirement, he had planned to pass down leadership of the band to Anjei; the ronin’s departure has left the position of the Lord of Sun Tao’s Disciples up in the air.

Kuroda the Red

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