Hiruma Mai

Wife of Hiruma Katsuo.


Hiruma Mai is an elegantly dressed bushi who wears a crimson kimono complemented by a ruby-red mask. Her long, straight hair is pure charcoal black, and she seems to alternate between expressions of thoughtful scheming and distressed paranoia.


Hiruma Mai was born Shosuro Mai, a close childhood friend of Hiruma Katsuo, the man who would later become her husband – and she his potential executioner. The niece of Shosuro Nissho, Mai was once a self-assured paragon of Scorpion mentality, but has found her convictions challenged by the shocking savvy of the ronin Anjei, her paternalistic interest in the Monkey samurai Toku Kiri, and perhaps especially the potential duty of having to execute her own husband. Mai is currently removed from action due to expecting her and Katsuo’s first child.

Hiruma Mai

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