Yasuki Mamoru

Father of Yasuki Urumi.


A portly man who has been bedridden with slowly failing health over the last few years.


Yasuki Mamoru is the former owner of The Smiling Fox Trade Association and Yasuki Urumi’s father. A notorious gambler, Mamoru did not take to the Yasuki teachings well; it was only with the assistance of his wife Daidoji Hinata that he was able to turn a profit on his small business, then consisting of a handful of traveling merchants and a stall in the market district of Clear Water Village.

Mamoru’s moods began to grow dark when his son, whom he had expected to succeed him in running the family business, declared he was leaving to man the Kaiu Wall for seemingly no reason. After his wife’s death, Mamoru turned to drink and gambling, and ended up abandoning his business in favor of his habits. He blames Urumi for the death of her mother, stating that she is ‘the worst thing that’s ever happened to him’ despite her numerous successes during her schooling and the modest prestige it brought to their house.

Mamoru has entered into negotiations to have his daughter married to Shosuro Ryouma, but has enjoyed very limited success thus far.

Yasuki Mamoru

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