Yoritomo Miyako

Priestess of Sea and Sky.


Yoritomo Miyako’s appearance is somewhat deceptive of her age; her lithe form shows that she puts much effort into maintaining her appearance and general physical health. Her usual attire is a set of utilitarian green robes with the Mantis crest on them, lighter than most priests, but not uncommon for Shugenja serving at sea among the Mantis. A jade symbol is embroidered on her kimono.


Yoritomo Miyako was was born Moshi Miyako, to parents Moshi Ranmaru and Moshi Kei. She was trained for most of her youth as a future priestess of Lady Sun, her family being very strict and conservative even among the typical standards of the Moshi. Her childhood was uneventful, one of learning rituals and what she would need to know to serve her family and the Mantis as a whole. In her sixteenth year, however, things changed drastically for her. She was sent off on a voyage with several others for their gempukku, where she met the Mantis Bushi Yoritomo Tsunesaburo, who she became infatuated with.

When they were not busy with their usual duties, Tsunesaburo would tell her many stories of his times traveling throughout Rokugan selling his talents and learning about what was happening away from the Mantis lands. She admired his ability to speak his mind and his free spirit, as free as a samurai’s spirit can be anyway. When they returned to their lands, she was now an adult, and requested permission to marry Yoritomo Tsunesaburo. She had not told her parents about the awakening of her ability to hear the kami on her voyage, and they thus refused her and cast her out of their family, confident in her numerous brothers and sisters to carry on the family name.

As a result of the marriage, she took up the Yoritomo name herself, and through the connections of Yoritomo Tsunesaburo’s family, she was able to acquire training in the Shugenja arts through the Yoritomo school rather than the Moshi, where her affinity toward water kami would truly shine. Her sensei was a incredibly strong and boisterous man known as Yoritomo Kazuma, who put her through incredibly strict training both physical and mental, from importuning with the kami to duties expected of anyone living on a ship and fighting with a knife if she were ever in dire need to defend herself.

She spent several years after her initial training out to sea as was expected of most Mantis, until she began to have the children in her husband, bearing five in the years before Tsunesaburo began to spend almost all of his time away on clan business. From oldest to youngest: daughter Yoritomo Ranmaru, who would also hear the call of the Kami and train in the Shugenja arts; son Yoritomo Keitaro, who would go into the Yoritomo Bushi school to die for the clan out at sea; daughter Yoritomo Shizue, who would go on to die for the clan alongside Keitaro; son Yoritomo Naito, who would enter training to become a navigator for the Mantis; and finally, son Yoritomo Kenzan, who would lack his father’s skills with a sword but go on to serve through the Tsuruchi bushi school of archery. She retired to their family’s lands to raise her son while Tsunesaburo continued his duties elsewhere, often sending and receiving letters from his home. In her 26th year, Tsunesaburo received a personal request from a close relative and friend in the Crab lands, regarding some threats and requests for additional soldiers, which Tsunesaburo had helped in pushing for among the Mantis previously. Now, however, he could not usher up the support due to internal problems, and could only get a small group of skilled samurai to provide support with himself included among their number. Tsunesaburo and those who went with him, along with many of the Crab, would go on to become lost to the Shadowlands, their fates presumed either dead or worse.

Miyako would continue to raise their to live up to their deceased father’s name in whatever way they could. In her 36th year, she set off to watch her youngest son’s gempukku, after which he would be set off on his own. Then she too would have little to tie her to her lands and she would perhaps be able to pursue a new kind of life much in the vein of her husband, taking what opportunity she could to serve the Mantis, Rokugan as a whole, and make a name for herself.

After Miyako’s son Kenzan reached the finals of the Topaz Championship and received an appointment to the Imperial Cartographers, Miyako decided to travel with her son to the lands of the Crab and later the Imperial Winter Court in Kyuden Bayushi. There her past would finally catch up to her, as Miyako was forced to give up her scrolls for a time and go on a quest in order to save her son from becoming permanently ronin. She has accomplished her task with her typical verve, but who can say what awaits her next, as in the last year she has also secured the position of an honorary Jade Legionnaire…

Yoritomo Miyako

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