Moshi Ranmaru

The Acting Mantis Clan Champion.


Moshi Ranmaru is a shugenja who wears the traditional robes of a priestess, with an old disease scarring a bald forehead but not quite hiding the resemblance to her daughter, Yoritomo Miyako.


Moshi Ranmaru is the Moshi Family Daimyo and currently the acting Mantis Clan Champion after Yoritomo Naizen’s disappearance in the wake of the Night of Assassins. The mother of Yoritomo Miyako, after she was disowned from the Moshi line her relationship has been contentious at best, coming to a head when Ranmaru cast her grandson Yoritomo Kenzan out of the Mantis Clan, with only Miyako’s timely intervention and a vow to retrieve a long-lost scroll reducing his punishment to that of a Musha Shugyo.

Moshi Ranmaru

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