Daidoji Murasaki

Crane Veteran of the Kaiu Carpenter Wall.


Daidoji Murasaki is a young man with dyed white hair tied into a well-coiffured ponytail and typically wears a beautiful kimono and obi common among high-class Crane samurai.


Daidoji Murasaki is a Crane veteran of the Kaiu Carpenter Wall, and a close confidant of the Jade Magistrate Daidoji Eihii and the Unicorn princess Shinjo Xue. He was obliged to abandon his post on the Wall to deliver vital information concerning the Spider Clan to Daidoji Eihii, and incurred the wrath of Hida Gai in the process.

He was taken in to be executed, but was given a pardon by Hida Gai thanks to the efforts of Anjei and Yasuki Urumi.

Daidoji Murasaki

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