Doji Musashi

The legendary Kenshinzen.


A tall and cultured Crane duelist, Doji Musashi carries himself with a regal air that belies his ailing health.


Doji Musashi is one of the most legendary Kenshinzen alive in all of Rokugan – and to hear the Crane insinuate it, should also occupy the position of Emerald Champion in addition to that distinction. Musashi is as peerless in the art of poetry as he is in the art of the duel, and had never known defeat in either realm until his loss to Shosuro Jimen in the Emerald Championship, in a perplexing loss where he collapsed before either duelist had drawn a blade.

Since then he has continued to pursue his craft with stoicism, despite rapidly advancing ailments that defy conventional explanation. During the Imperial Winter Court of 1170 he took Toku Kiri as a pupil, training her in the first of the Thousand Years of Steel katas. In 1171 he and Shinjo Xue were engaged, much to the chagrin of both her and Yoritomo Kenzan.

Doji Musashi

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