Shosuro Nissho

Scorpion Crime Lord. Old friend of Anjei's.


Shosuro Jimen is a confident and cultured samurai in his mid twenties, a bestial mask covering the top of his face and a beard covering the rest.


A close friend of the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen and Hiruma Mai’s uncle. One of the most powerful and influential samurai in the Scorpion Clan, Shosuro Nissho facilitated many paid assignments for the ronin Anjei in his years of stay at Ryoko Owari.

Nissho made a number of power plays to influence the Imperial Cartographers during the the Imperial Winter Court of 1170, including an attempt to blackmail Yasuki Urumi into sabotaging the Bowman’s Wager. After he was saved from an attempt on his life by the Imperial Cartographers, Nissho confided that his actions were meant to accelerate a conflict with the Lion Clan precipitated by the Night of Assassins. Anjei was able to convince Nissho instead to enter the Scorpion into the Northern Unity Alliance to stave off all-out war breaking out in the empire.

Shosuro Nissho

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