Daidoji Ran

Former Governor of Friendly Traveler Village.


The perfect picture of a powdered and serene Crane governor, what lies beneath the surface of Daidoji Ran’s facade is dark indeed.


Daidoji Ran followed in the tradition of the nominally disbanded Daidoji Harriers, and leveraged information warfare, gaijin pepper, and any other tool at his disposal to enact his vengeance on the man who killed his father in the Third Yasuki War: Hida Gai.

The governor’s ambitions were thwarted, however, by him losing his temper in a game of Sadane with Yoritomo Kenzan, which resulted in a duel to the death with the young Mantis. While Ran was confident in his own immortality, and even succeeded in poisoning Hida Gai with a drug that drove him temporarily insane, he would ultimately meet his end at the tip of Kenzan’s blade.

Daidoji Ran

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