Mirumoto Shigetaka

Kitsuki Magistrate. Old friend of Anjei's.


Mirumoto Shigetaka is a man in his 40s, his head completely bald save for a top knot and wearing a robe with the mon of a Kitsuki Magistrate.


A traveling magistrate with a curious outlook on law and combat, even by the standards of his Kitsuki colleagues. Trained in the Kitsuki Investigator School, Shigetaka is also a fierce practicioner of single-sword kenjutsu and iaijutsu. Decades ago, he traveled with the ronin Anjei for three weeks on the outskirts of the Dragon mountains. The two promised to duel when they next met in life, and they did after a fashion – Anjei pitted his pupil Yoritomo Kenzan against Shigetaka for their duel. The result of the match was a tie, clearly proving Anjei’s supremacy in their cordial rivalry.

Shigetaka was instrumental in apprehending the criminal Doji Toumo in Friendly Traveler Village.

Mirumoto Shigetaka

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