Shinjo Shono

The Imperial Shogun.


A man grander in scale than most any outside of the Crab Clan, Shinjo Shono is a wise leader, but one often ruled by his passions.


Shinjo Shono is almost as protective of the Unicorn Clan’s interests as he is of the welfare of his two daughters, Shinjo Xue and Shinjo Lianshi. After the upstart Mantis Yoritomo Kenzan sought the heart of Xue, Shono arranged her to be engaged to Doji Musashi instead.

As of 1170 Shono was appointed to the position of Imperial Shogun, and also has entered the Unicorn Clan into the Northern Unity Alliance in pursuit of recapturing the prize of the City of the Rich Frog.

Shinjo Shono

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