Tsuruchi Shuu

Master Tsuruchi Archer.


Tsuruchi Shuu is a supremely confident man with boyish features and a far too wide smile, though he has matured greatly since the Bowman’s Wager of 1170.


Tsuruchi Shuu is perhaps the most prodigious archer the Tsuruchi Archery School has produced since Tsuruchi himself, and carried himself with that overbearing swagger… until the Bowman’s Wager of 1170. A contest he easily expected to win, he found himself chastened in defeat by the ronin Anjei, who despite being outclassed in skill and physical prowess was able to bring Shuu right to the precipice of defeat in the semifinals, all while revealing the archer had many more things to learn. Shuu later lost in the finals to Yoritomo Kenzan, goaded into causing his own defeat by his own brash overconfidence.

Since that time he has come to appreciate the lessons learned and truly come into his own as a Tsuruchi Archer – as a testament to this, he won the Bowman’s Wager of 1171 with supreme ease.

Tsuruchi Shuu

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