Matsu Tomiko

Commander of the Lion's Pride.


Matsu Tomiko is a tall woman, with flawless skin that seems to have never known bruise nor scar. Her luxurious long black hair is tangled in innumerable directions, like that of a proud lion’s mane.


The woman who Anjei loved and courted long ago, until the Doji samurai was cast out of the Crane Clan. A brash and skilled prodigy of the Lion, Matsu Tomiko is an exemplar of the Lion ideal: possessing the tactical acumen of an Akodo, savvy of an Ikoma, and the unbridled passion of her Matsu blood. More than that, Matsu Tomiko also possesses the skill in dueling to match any Kakita, and had never known defeat… until she dueled the ronin Anjei at the Imperial Winter Court of 1170, and found herself unable to strike against the man who had jilted her so long ago.

Tomiko was elevated to the position of acting Lion Clan Champion after the death of the previous champion, Akodo Shigetoshi during the Night of Assassins. In 1172 Tomiko would step down to make way for the elevation of a new Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Tetsuki.

Matsu Tomiko

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