Doji Toumo

Lead Crane negotiator and occasional playwright.


A highly experienced and supremely confident Doji Courtier, Doji Toumo to all appearances exemplifies the Crane adherence to courtly grace.


A Crane courtier involved in an affair with Yasuki Sumiko, Doji Toumo was blackmailed past his breaking point by the Scorpion courtier Shosuro Akai. Toumo took matters into his own hands by sabotaging a gambit on Akai’s part to stage a fake poisoning attempt by providing an overdose on the poison utilized in her plan.

Anjei and his old friend Mirumoto Shigetaka, however, were able to bring Toumo to justice with the help of eyewitness testimony provided by the courtier Tsuruchi Dei. Shosuro Akai was able to escape accountability for her role, however, due to Toumo being intimidated into silence by Akai’s son, Shosuro Ryouma.

Doji Toumo

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