Yoritomo Tsunesaburo

Long-lost husband of Yoritomo Miyako.


A handsome, debonair man with a free spirit – for a samurai, at least – and a willingness to speak his mind wherever he goes.


Yoritomo Tsunesaburo is the father of Yoritomo Kenzan, and the dashing samurai who stole the heart of and married Yoritomo Miyako, much to the chagrin of her Moshi relatives. He sent and received letters from her while she engaged in the duties of child-rearing.

When Miyako was 26, Tsunesaburo received a personal request from a close relative in the Crab lands, regarding some threats and requests for additional soldiers. He elected to assist and became lost to the Shadowlands, now presumed dead or worse.

Yoritomo Tsunesaburo

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