Yasuki Urumi

Karo to Hiruma Utaka. Former Topaz Champion.


Yasuki Urumi possesses a less than imposing stature, with her fair features and slight build. Her long, dark hair is usually tied up into a high braid, typical of unmarried women throughout the empire. Her face clearly shows its youth, with full lips, soft cheeks, and a pert nose, as well as piercing green eyes that gleam with a craftiness often found in those of the Yasuki family. Adorning her body is a long, light blue kimono, patterned with azure flowers. A simple wakizashi sits within the wide obi at her waist, while well-made sandals suitable for traveling protect her delicate feet.


Yasuki Urumi was born on a cold day in early spring. That same day, her mother died, the trauma of childbirth too much for her. Her father never quite recovered from this, blaming Urumi for her mother’s death and taking to drink. She had a fairly normal childhood despite this, though even at a young age she realized her family’s finances were dwindling as her father’s health began to fail. The situation was made worse when her older brother, five years Urumi’s senior, left the household after his gempukku to join the Crab bushi in their defense of the Wall, refusing to take on the family business despite their father’s wishes.

Her father bedridden, her brother departed, Urumi was the only one who could carry on the family’s trade. She applied herself to her studies at the Yasuki Merchant school, and after several long years, was finally declared ready for her own gempukku.

That gempukku, at the Topaz Championship, ultimately resulted in Urumi becoming the Topaz Champion and appointed to the Imperial Cartographers. Despite fits and starts, including a scandal involving Hida Gai and Yasuki Funtaru that nearly ended her career, Urumi has bounced back to become the Karo to Hiruma Utaka, the new governor of Clear Water Village. In 1170 she was entered into matchmaking negotiations to become engaged to Shosuro Ryouma; the negotiations are ongoing.

Yasuki Urumi

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