Shinjo Xue

The Unicorn Princess. Betrothed to Doji Musashi.


Shinjo Xue is a Unicorn princess with a stocky build, her hair braided with strange trinkets and amulets and a face of stone.


Shinjo Xue is the eldest daughter of Shinjo Shono and sister to Shinjo Lianshi, a prodigy of swordsmanship who has found herself frustrated by the elevated position she enjoys. While not comfortable with all of the social niceties of Rokugani life, she has a deep devotion to Honor and has served with many skilled bushi, including on the Kaiu Wall in the Crab lands. After the Mantis Yoritomo Kenzan defeated Xue in single combat she was to be engaged to him, but instead found herself engaged to Doji Musashi after Kenzan was sent on Musha Shugyo.

Shinjo Xue

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