Yasuki Yomiko

Erstwhile rival to Yasuki Urumi.


A young courtier of the Yasuki whose devilish looks match her ambitious drive.


Yasuki Yomiko is the daughter of Yasuki Koga, and a classmate of Yasuki Urumi’s during their courtier training. The pair were close friends, but Urumi’s increasing accomplishments outshone Yomiko’s, and the latter’s jealousy eventually drove them apart when it was announced that Urumi would attend the Topaz Championship for her gempukku ceremony instead of Yomiko.

Yomiko had been leading her father’s interests in Shiro Usagi, but has gone silent as of late. Urumi directed the Imperial Cartographers to investigate, and caught up to her traveling with her yojimbo Hida Mori – and the orphaned son of the deceased Hare Clan Champion. After determining Yomiko had been tasked to abduct the Hare Clan Champion’s son to preserve their line, Urumi was able to strike a deal to preserve the Hare Clan while also fostering the child to the Crab Clan.

Yomiko fled to return to her father after the deal was struck, leaving Hida Mori to take full responsibility for her actions in the aftermath.

Yasuki Yomiko

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