Imperial Winter Court of 1170

The Imperial Winter Court of 1170 was the first such court ever held by Empress Iweko I, hosted by the Scorpion Clan in the halls of Kyuden Bayushi.

As the Topaz Champion, Yasuki Urumi, was initially unable to attend due to prior commitments at the Winter Court of Clear Water Village, Hiruma Katsuo, Yoritomo Miyako, and Toku Kiri were sent as her formal representatives to the Imperial Winter Court. Upon arriving they were drawn into the web of Shosuro Nissho, a powerful and influential crime lord of the Scorpion Clan.

Shortly after the court’s beginning Yoritomo Kenzan and the ronin Anjei arrived, and with the rest of the Topaz Champion’s representatives they were able to ferret out the schemes of Yasuki Ono, an operative of the Spider Clan. Later after Yasuki Urumi’s eventual arrival they were able to also halt the plans of Ono’s co-conspirator, the ronin Haikaro.

Perhaps most influentially of all, after the Imperial Cartographers saved Shosuro Nissho from an attack by ninja assassins he and Anjei formed a pact that would become the Northern Unity Alliance.

Notable Events of the Winter’s Court of 1170

  • Duel of Karma’s Abandon – Duel to first blood between the ronin Anjei and Matsu Tomiko, the acting Lion Clan Champion. Won by Anjei.
  • The Winding Water Banquet – Inaugural poetry (and drinking) contest of the Winter Court. Won by Kitsuki Nageki.
  • The Bowman’s Wager – The greatest archery tournament in Rokugan. Won by Yoritomo Kenzan.
  • The Imperial Sumai Tournament – The greatest sumai tournament in Rokugan. Won by Jeff.

Imperial Winter Court of 1170

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