Northern Unity Alliance

During the Imperial Winter Court of 1170, the ronin Anjei forged a pact with the Scorpion crime lord Shosuro Nissho to protect the Scorpion Clan from the predations of the Lion Clan precipitated by the Night of Assassins. Anjei and Nissho would forge an alliance made up of motivations as diverse as the Great Clans themselves: the Crane Clan’s desire to reassert control over the province of Toshi Ranbo, the Unicorn Clan’s claim on the City of the Rich Frog, the Dragon Clan’s own inscrutable motives, and the Scorpion Clan’s desire to not be slaughtered by Matsu Berserkers.

With the support of the Imperial Cartographers, the Scorpion Clan’s network of operatives, the Crane Clan’s elite Kenshinzen, the Unicorn Clan’s cavalry, and the Dragon Clan’s swordsmen, Anjei used a ronin army drawn from the Disciples of Sun Tao and the Hidden Sword to create the Northern Unity Alliance, a force dedicated to preserving peace in Rokugan through martial deterrence – though those who serve in and against it refer to it almost ubiquitously as ‘The Lion-Tamer’s Legions’. Now in existence for over a year, the alliance has persisted healthily despite the loss of its Crane support due to naval raids on the Crane Clan’s shores, and has even acquired some support from the Monkey Clan to replenish those lost numbers. The Lion Clan does not forget its vengeance, however, and it remains to be seen if the Lion-Tamer’s Legions can continue to deter the ever-mobilizing Lion war machine.

Notable Officers of the Northern Unity Alliance

Anjei – Rikugunshokan (Supreme Commander of the Army)
Yukichi – Shireikan (Commander of the Disciples of Sun Tao Division)
Amaro – Shireikan (Commander of the Hidden Sword Division)
Tori – Taisa (Leader of the Legion of Two Thousand Regiment)
Daidoji Aoi – Chui (Leader of the Mobile Scouting Battalion)
Yoritomo Kenzan / Kojiro – Gunso (Leader of the Mounted Archery Unit)

Northern Unity Alliance

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